12th June 2018

First Medical Patent IssueD for the Oculenz™
Augmented Reality Glasses

14th June 2018

American Academy of Ophthalmology

15th June 2018

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14th June 2018

14th June 2018

12th June 2018

12th June 2018

USPTO gives thumbs up to the California-based companies Augmented Reality (AR) medical application technology.

Ocutrx Vision Technologies has patented the technology behind their augmented reality glasses for

low-vision patients.

The Oculenz is the first ground-breaking technology to offer a solution for advanced central visual defects in patients with retinal disease.

Ocutrx's first patent application was allowable covering a diagnostic phase where patients can map their own retinal defects

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12th June 2018

12th June 2018

12th June 2018

12th June 2018

The patient senses the entire image and learns to disregard the defect area through 'neural adaptation'

This innovative AR device brings a new hope to regain functional vision previously considered impossible.


Working with visual input, the brain can train itself to not see redundant or unnecessary things.

This is a real milestone for

creating value for Ocutrx's patent portfolio.



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