How Oculenz helps the Warfighter

Augmented Control

Gesture Control

Mission ControL

Oculenz gives the pilot the ability to view all relevant flight data while interacting with his natural environment, not looking down at his controller

Control of UAV telemetry with a fusion of gesture control and eye movements


All relative elements of the specific UAV missions can be overlaid in a virtualized environment, ensuring a more successful mission




OCULENZ Battlefield Augmented Reality System (OBARS)


The overall goal of the Battlefield Augmented Reality System (BARS) is to create the same type of data informational display for the dismounted warfighter as the F-35 jet heads-up display does for the fighter pilot. Oculenz is developing an OBARS platform which is easily mounted on a warfighter’s headgear and overlays virtual information onto real-world visuals. The OBARS provides 3D battlefield information from a real-time battlefield COMS network. For instance, a OnePass UAV can map a mined field, and the GPS based Oculenz System displays the exact positioning of landmines in 3D as the Warfighter looks at the battlefield through the Oculenz lenses.




Synthetic Training Environment (STE)


Combining live, virtual and constructive experiences, Synthetic Training Environment (STE) maximizes the performance and training of troops in a mixed-reality environment. The Oculenz ARwear limits the need for facility-based training by delivering a mobilized platform to allow for effective training at in theatre or on base through visualization of the task and elements on the ARwear's screen in real-time.


Battlefield Event Recreation


Harnessing the power of the emerging technology of Augmented Reality (AR), Ocutrx's Military ARwear recreates significant events and environments on the lenses in 3D for training and educational purposes. Revisiting a past event as well as simulating a future event, allows the opportunity to examine all possible decisions and consider the most effective outcomes.



Task Localization & Maintenance


 Ocutrx ARwear provides support to troops performing maintenance tasks by enhancing the natural field of view with an overlay of AR labels and instructions to aid location, execution, and comprehension of tasks in a more intuitive and efficient manner.  In addition, the troop can both send and receive video information from a remote source on the best way to accomplish the task or repair.




Information Management & Decision


Ocutrx gives the ability to present information hands-free and instantaneously. This frees the operator from checking multiple displays and limits the amount of cognitive power needed in decision making.  While wearing the Oculenz ARwear, the Warfighter has an excellent Field of Vision to maintain alertness to threats or attacks.



UAV Control


 Ocutrx ARwear combines the elements of Voice Control, Hand Gesturing, and Eye-Tracking to provide a Warfighter with virtual controls which utilize a virtual display and menu, as well as virtual joystick control.  With the Oculenz DRONTRX technical system, a Warfighter can both control and view images from a war UAV.




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