First, it takes an inspired vision, then the application of expertise, passion, commitment, talent and creativity to become an industry leader. TEAM OCUTRX Leaders possess these qualities and more. We are leading the VR industry to bring an “open systems” platform modifiable for many specific fields, including medical wearables, to the market. TEAM OCUTRX brings Computer Mediated Virtual Reality technology into common use in a best-of-class Oculenz™ CMVR Glasses System.

Michael Freeman, J.D.Founder and CEO

Freeman is an award-winning innovator with over 150 patents filed, with over 60 patents issued in the Sectors of: Multi-Channel Streaming Mobile Video, Augmented Reality Eyewear, RFID Location Base Tracking, Nano-Chemicals, and Ultra-Hight Efficiency Muxcapacitor® Transformerless Power Supplies. Freeman also won the 2015 and 2016 Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards for Best Product to Power the IoT while CEO of Semitrex a company Freeman founded based on his Switch Cap transformerless power supplies invention which provides over 95% efficiency.


While President of PC Designs, Freeman invented the first streaming mobile video technology in 1994 which garnered him a two TV Emmy Awards. This revolutionary mobile video technology was licensed by virtually all cell companies throughout the 1990's and acquired by Samsung who asserted the patents in the Apple vs. Samsung II litigation, where Mr. Freeman testified. In that Appsung litigation Freeman was identified as developing the "forerunner" of Smart Phones because his team was the first to combine the connectivity of cell phones with the intelligence of computers. His streaming mobile video was the basis for the 802.11(n) MIMO protocol.

Freeman also served a stint in the Major Motion Picture Industry as a Sr. Executive Vice President for a leading Hollywood Company, 1492 Studios, Inc.

Scott Evans, MBACOO

Mr. Evans has over 30 years of experience in medical device development and small company start-ups across a broad spectrum of fields including Cardiology, Radiology, Neurology and Ophthalmology. Scott has held various senior management positions in Research and Development and Operations, currently as COO and Executive Vice President of Ocutrx. Before that he was at Abbott Medical Optics (now J&J Vision Care), where he began as VP R&D in June 2002 as part of the accommodating IOL company, Visiogen. Visiogen was acquired by Abbott for $400MM in October 2009. At Abbott, Scott was responsible for the worldwide development of the Cataract Surgical platform which included capital equipment, single use disposables and other implantable Intraocular lenses. Prior to joining Visiogen, Scott was Executive VP R&D for a series of successful start-up ventures such as Alsius (acquired by Zoll), Microtherapeutics (acquired by EV3/Covidien) and Pilot Cardiovascular (acquired by C.R.Bard). Prior to that Scott worked for other notable companies including Baxter and Pfizer. Scott is an Engineering graduate of Arizona State University and received his MBA from the California State University Fullerton. Scott also passed the United States Patent Bar in 2002 and is a registered Patent Agent and currently holds over 85 issued US patents.

Brett L. Scott, CPACFO

A highly skilled and innovative CPA and Chief Financial Officer with over 30 years of experience with medical device and bio-medical start-ups.  His abilities to create and implement programs which result in cost savings and profits are well proven. Brett possesses excellent organizational, analytical and decision-making abilities. Brett is highly qualified in managing and administering all financial functions and staff activities and capable of professionally representing any company internally, as well as externally to investors and investment community. Brett’s special skills are honed and focused in Fund raising, including IPO, private placements, PIPE’s, venture debt, and various credit facility instruments; Merger, acquisition and divestiture experience including deal structure, due diligence and integration; Strategic planning, finance and accounting, business development and operational management in regulated medical products industry; Oversight and control of accounting, finance, information technology, supply chain management, human resources, legal, investor and public relations; SEC public reporting and SOX compliance and implementation of ERP system. He has worked with successful start-ups such as Horizon Orphan LLC (Raptor Pharmaceuticals, Inc.), Neuroptics, In., Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Biolase Technology, Inc.North American Scientific, Inc., (acquired by BEST Medical), Alsius Corporation, (acquired by Zoll Corporation); Irvine Biomedical, Inc. (acquired by St. Jude Medical, Inc.).

Barbara Niksch, MBAChief of Clinical & Regulatory Affairs

Ms. Niksch has 30 years of industry experience with the majority spent in ophthalmic device companies. Most recently she served as Executive Director, Clinical Development Ophthalmology at Allergan. Prior to Allergan, Ms. Niksch served as VP of Clinical & Regulatory Affairs for AqueSys, Inc., which was acquired by Allergan. Prior to AqueSys, Ms. Niksch served as VP of Regulatory, Quality and Clinical Affairs at Visiogen, Inc. and Glaukos Corporation. Ms. Niksch has a BS in Biology from the University of Nevada, Reno and an MBA from National University in Irvine. Ms. Niksch is a past president of the Orange County Regulatory Affairs (OCRA) discussion group and also served as the Ophthalmic Industry Representative on the FDA’s Ophthalmic Devices Advisory Panel.


Formerly, VP of Regulatory Quality and Clinical Affairs at Allergan & Visiogen, Inc. Previously the Industry Elected Representative on the FDA's Ophthalmic Devices Panel Advisory Committee.


Mitch Freeman, B.S.GM/Chief Applications Engineer

Mitchael was a software lead on the team which invented Streaming Mobile Video in 1994 which became the foundation for 802.11(n) MIMO protocols. For its efforts the team won two 1994 Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Emmy Awards for technology contributions to the television industry. The technology was licensed to virtually all of the cell companies which existed during the 1990s and afterwards the technology and patents were sold to Samsung. Mitchael served as a Sr. VP of manufacturing for PC Designs, Inc. from 1988 through 2003 when the company was a competitor of Dell, Apple and Gateway and was one of the major suppliers of computer products to the State of California. Mitchael was the first to put together the technology for a string of "Surfcam's" in the early 1990's which streamed video over AOL. In the 2000’s Mitchael created complex software solutions for St. John’s Medical Center and developed RFID Location Based Software over which he holds three US patents with co-inventor Michael H. Freeman. Mitchael has over 30 patents issued with dozens of additional patents pending.


Michaela StitesChief of Administration

Michaela is a seasoned technology company administrative veteran. She also serves on the Managing Committee of Ocutrx Vision Technologies, LLC. She has served as Administrative Chief in such tech companies as Global Safety Labs, Inc., Intelligent Design Labs, LLC, Electranetics, Inc., Smart Prong Technologies, Inc., Semitrex, LLC and Raytrx, LLC prior to joining Ocutrx. She has overseen both engineers and employees in the embedded circuit and semiconductor industries since 2000 and was a part of the team from 2011 to 2016 which developed a new breed of power semiconductor chips based on the Muxcapacitor® technology invented by Michael H. Freeman. She oversaw administration on at least 10 test chips which necessitated dealing with vendors from the US to the EU to Singapore. She has overseen simultaneous operations of more than seven international offices, including their employees and engineers. She is part-owner and on the board of a managed Home Healthcare provider, where she serves as Compliance Review Officer ensuring compliance of physicians, R.N.’s, L.P.N’s, therapist, and social workers.

Jordan Boss, B.S.Chief Product Engineer

Jordan Boss, B.S. also is a second-generation owner and CEO of LAMAR SYSTEMS, LLC which is a 30-year-old innovative camera/drone products company. Lamar was one of the first companies in the world to integrate an HD imager in an outdoor remote-controlled camera system. Lamar began installing outdoor HD camera systems in 2004.  Jordan is an engineer and a technical expert in developing cameras products and camera systems. Recently, Jordan invented the CityView™ Ecosystem, which is a Connected Camera Network (CCN) protocol that permits television network broadcasters to OneClick™ a multi-city camera menu in order to share live video feeds throughout an array of cities, local stations and locations without prior setup. Jordan has led the camera industry by introducing the first HD and 3D, & 360° cameras for Outdoor Remote-Control Systems. His “SkyBoss™” branded camera systems have been installed for clients such as: ABC, NBC, CBS, Time Warner, iHeart Communications, FOX, and NASA.

Robert DieterChief Hardware Engineer

Robert Dieter is an award winning embedded circuit engineer. He pioneered the development of the camera and video industry in the 1980’s-90’s and was the first to develop remote “Pan and Tilt” features he later sold to Pelco, which are still in use today. Robert has been a developer of IP Cameras, IP Servers, Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras, and Wireless devices since the 1990’s. He served as Chief Engineer for PC Designs, which Michael and Mitchael Freeman ran, and has worked for the team since 1992. Robert helped develop the revolutionary Muxcapacitor® transformerless power supplies and is the Principal Circuit Engineer for Ocutrx. Robert’s engineering focus has been on optimizing network, digital, and optical technologies. Robert’s recent focus has been on IP & Wireless Cameras and Digital Command and Control. He has continually worked for Michael and Mitchael Freeman since the PC Design days beginning in 1992 and also has his own embedded electronics company, Personal Robot, LLC where he sells products he has independently developed over the years.

Matt MilnerChief Hardware Design

Matt is among the world's most advanced software developers for 3-D design within AutoCAD and SolidWorks. He began his design engineering work in 3D CAD in 1988 and wrote the first million lines of code for an AutoCAD based software for a program called InteliCAD which was marketed successfully for many years both nationally and internationally. He served as the Head of Product Development for InteliCAD for 15 years and wrote over 40,000 pages of CAD software for the company which was used by millions of customers. From 2012 to 2016 Matt served as Chief of Hardware Design for Semitrex, LLC which is among a new breed of power semiconductor companies, founded by Michael H. Freeman, which provides transformerless power supply solutions. Matt joined Freeman in his new venture to become the head of hardware design on a revolutionary tetherless AR product.

Tasha DouglassData Governance Chief

Tasha Kay is a skilled software and data expert. Tasha has co-authored and established training standards for global companies such as Eli Lilly & Company, Level 3, Century Link, SourceNet, and others. Her comprehensive knowledge of industry compliance standards and research methods have helped her to achieve success in various markets employing software, business intelligence, and data mining.  She leads the Ocutex Written and Photographic Documentation Program and serves as a part of the Ocutrx Software Development Team. Her specialties include, C++, Oracle, SQL, Management Studio, Visual Studio, SAS, Base SAS, Adv SAS, SAS Enterprise SAS Text Miner, Enterprise Guide and JMP, ARCGIS Esri, Tableau, TeraData, Salesforce, BSA AML/CDD, Mac OS, ESRI GIS, Tableau, Teradata, Cognos, SPSS, Base SAS, Adv SAS, SAS Enterprise Miner, SAS Text Miner, SAS Sentiment Analysis Studio professional, Adobe Suite professional, Microsoft Office Professional, and CRM.  Tasha has a stalwart reputation for being a driver of productivity, engagement and team performance. Tasha Kay speaks French and has and an undergraduate degree in Art History as well as a graduate degree in Business Data Mining and Analytics.

David Cary, MSEEChief Software Developer

David Cary, M.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering, has long been involved in projects which leverage complex cutting-edge technology to solve problems that have evaded solution. David has written software extensively dealing with video processing and analytics. Along with Jordan Boss, David helped to develop a video distribution system that is both low-resource and high-reliability. The CityVu™ system distributes and switches live real-time low-latency video across public networks in a SaaS model that is extremely efficient, and solves all of the needs of its clients. David's history with infrared cameras at OIL, the Oklahoma Imaging Laboratory, led him to develop software for the EyeDentify retinal scanner, which uses infrared light to see the unique pattern of blood vessels in the retina at the back of the eye. The technology was so innovative that one of his retina scanner prototypes went directly from David's desk to England to be used as a prop in the James Bond movie GoldenEye.


Brian is a creative renaissance man with deep understanding of the existing and emerging digital landscape. As a polymath, his expertise spans a significant number of different subject areas. He is able to draw on a complex body of knowledge to solve specific problems. He possesses an extensive knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, video production, lighting, design, editing and motion-graphics skills bringing a distinctive, compelling voice to all executions. He personally directed and produced over one thousand television programs broadcasting worldwide. He has a strong foundation in computer science as a polyglot computer programmer fluent in Assembler, Basic, COBOL, Pascal, Action!, C, C++,DB2, and SQL.  Brian leads the efforts in the planning, development and implementation of the Ocutrx image, media strategies, and concept ideation . He collaborates with external agencies and internal creative team members to build and execute marketing strategies. He has several patents issued, pending, and prototypes under development. Brian achieves our corporate strategic goals by crafting, improving, and maintaining award-winning deliverables.


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