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The Oculenz provides the best field of vision for the use of AR for the superimposition of data points on the natural environment. Imagine seeing what that couch you’d like to buy really looks like in your own room. Or, look at a cereal box on the shelf and you get projected virtual text telling you if it is gluten-free. The uses are, as you might begin to imagine, practically limitless. The Oculenz AR technology thus presents a significant opportunity for brands and businesses to transform the way they operate and interact with their customers, and to redefine business operations and the way customers interact with products and services.


Commercial Visualization

Location Based Advertising

Hands-Free Servicing & Training

Use the Oculenz interactive 3D images to show how your products are built or demonstrate individual feature benefits of the products in real-time. Videos can be displayed on the headset showing how the products are best used and why they are better than the competition’s. This can be a very positive aid for sales reps. Oculenz 3D product demonstration on the Oculenz can increase client understanding, commitment and adoption.

Product Infoizing. Oculenz ARwear worn inside a store can unlock information about products on the shelf or floor. When a user wears the Oculenz ARwear, benefits and features of the product are overlaid on the lenses providing additional Mixed Reality information that otherwise a salesclerk would have to search for and provide. The Oculenz can actively engage consumers through overlaid information presentation, precise location and audience targeting, as well as help measure sales impact in the moment. And excitement can be added to the shopping experience by having a 3D version of the product pop out of the signage. The Oculenz can be used in a store to move customers through the purchase funnel with an increase carte load and transaction size.

The Oculenz technology will also provide remote, hands-free access to technical expertise and information for service providers while on a repair job. And, engineers and service technicians can visualize site-specific problems before arriving at a job. Also, the images and video produced by the Oculenz enables mechanics to experience photorealistic environment for training, whereby a 3D hologram of a mechanical device is shown to trainees. The trainees can “see” a life-sized representation of the apparatus and virtually take it apart or repair it. This can also be virtualized on the job-site for reminders and remedial training on-the-spot.


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