Stream content from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop

directly to your Oculenz AR headset.

FONTRX AR Cell Phone


Paired Device Control


Now your OCULENZ AR headset is also your cell phone.  Use the VOICTRX voice command to call up a virtual dial pad, and then use the DIGITRX finger gesturing to punch the numbers and make a cell call.  Or use the Assistrx to place your call for you from a list of previously recorded callers.  Also, you can virtual text by calling up a text menu and create a text then tell Assistrx which known number to send it to.  The OCULENZ can do virtually any task your cell phone can do.

OCULENZ works by creating a custom Wi-Fi, cellular, or Bluetooth network — called a FoNet™ network — in your home. That lets the OCULENZ seamlessly get hand-offs, so you can sync, stream, or share information to or from your computer, tablet or cell phone to your OCULENZ headset.  For instance, you can start a Netflix moving on your cell phone, then transfer the movie to watch on your OCULENZ headset. Or you can start a call on your cell phone and then transfer it to your headset.

The Oculenz Fonet™ features can be set to be a host for other devices, an acquire direct access to the internet, much like a modern day router does, so that the ARwear can be paired with other devices, like a smartphone, tablet, laptop or smartwatch. Then all of a user’s Apps on their other devices can be migrated to the Oculenz headset and control seamlessly. A user can start a video on Apps such as Hulu or Netflix then select to direct the video to the Oculenz lenses.




No need to register for new apps or content, your existing apps and content migrates seamlessly.

We have a vision to give you seamless content control whether from your cell phone, tablet, laptop, or OCLENZ headset. To setup your ARwear, simply sync the apps in your Google Play account




Assistrx is a virtual person, male, female, gender neutral or cartoon, who will provide answers and responces to instructions from the user. Thus, instead of just hearing a voice like the Google assistant, Cortana, Siri, or Alexis there will be a person of your choice, which pops into view and responds to your voice requests. With the OCULENZ Assistrx you can speak your questions or wishes and a microphone subsystem connects with your chosen Visual Virtual Assistant who appears to grant you your wish and lets you see them fulfilled in virtual reality, such as displaying a music video or the cover CD of a track you requested played. You can summon the Assistrx at any time while wearing the OCULENZ headset.  The Assistrx Visual Virtual Assistant talks to you in a conversational manner, ready to help you with many things and can perform a variety of simple tasks, like playing music. However, it can also be used to control smart-home gadgets, giving it the ability to dim the lights, lock the doors, or adjust the thermostat.


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No need to register for new apps or content, your existing apps and content migrates seamlessly.

No need to register for new apps or content, your existing apps and content migrates seamlessly.